About Me

Since I was young my parents have always pushed me to work hard.  In my senior year of high school my mother convinced me to take an accounting course.  After taking the high school level course I decided, for many reasons, to major in accounting.

Presently, at twenty years old, I am a college student at St. John’s University.  I transferred after graduating from Nassau Community College with an associate’s degree in accounting.  I have no experience in the accounting field yet, but I am interested as well as ambitious towards making the step into an accounting career.

My tax courses interest me the most.  I find the governments ways of executing tax laws to be appealing.  I hope to one day become a successful tax accountant with knowledge like no other.  Intelligence and knowledge will hopefully in the future benefit my career field.

In life I strive to become successful while doing something that I enjoy.  Throughout all of my accounting courses I made my decision, with much thought, that a career in accounting was right for me.  Many people feel as though accountants are boring people but I will tell all of you this: not only am I an outgoing person, but I strive to make sure that when hard work is finished, the fun starts. 




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