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Mrs. Diane Turner…

June 28, 2008

In my senior year in high school I had to take a business elective to graduate.  Interested and through words from my parents I decided upon an accounting course.  Settling into the class a teacher walked into the room the first day to introduce the learning criteria.  Her name was Diane Turner.  After a full year with the accounting course Mrs. Turner influenced me to major in the field in my college years.  Mrs. Turner had her CPA and was successful in the field until she decided to go into teaching accounting.  She explained to me that with hard work and dedication in the career that promotions were guaranteed.

The reason for my blog is to not only thank this woman for her words of encouragment but to realize to myself how important she was in determining my future.   I attended H. Frank Carey High School and I have to say the business deparment is outstanding!