Face it, YOU NEED US!!!

June 10, 2008

I’m going to start off by saying that without accountants the world wouldn’t rotate.  This is a strong statement but isn’t it true?

Everybody in America has to pay taxes.  Businesses have to record financial transactions.  They also have to analyze, classify and understand the reasons why they are recording these transactions.  Businesses need to know where their business stands (terms of financial purposes).  This is done with financial statements.  All of this work is done by the accountants.

Of course other occupations are definitely necessary in this country and in the entire world.  We need many occupations to survive as a country and a species.  But some people don’t realize the importance of accountants.  Why is this? Ignorance?

I believe that everybody should have an understanding of every field.  With this knowledge many could become more well-rounded individuals.  When new people I meet ask me what I major in, when I tell them accounting, they looked confused with a big smile. 

Accounting is the most important field in business.  If business was a body, Accounting would be the heart!


One comment

  1. lol oo goshh … as usual a very straight forward piece of writing by you. But such a strong title you chose, i immidiately had to read and see what in the world you were talkin about. And the ending quote is very creative!!

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