Accountants should have a t.v. series

June 9, 2008

Here’s an idea, a t.v. series for accountants.  There are so many t.v. shows about lawyers, doctors, etc., why not a show about accountants? 

Since the Enron scandal all of the attention has been put on accountants.  Not all of accountants are unethical but one would think why this idea was never suggested.  Lawyers and doctors shows are starting to bother me.  The same heart transplant, the same old person on their death bed, and most of all the same person suing another for money.  People being addicted to drama would love a show about how “John Smith” is avoiding paying taxes (becoming a fugitive). 

 There are plenty of ideas for each episode.  I feel there are enough to influence a pilot or even a show that is trying to get fans.  With good acting and possibly interesting writing, accountants should get a show! 

In my personal opinion taxes are the most appealing to the accounting profession.  I have a couple names that could be possible for a t.v. show; Tax America, Taxed, Accounting lives, or The life of the numbers.  This idea seems reasonable, right?  As they say in America, “You are guaranteed two things in life; death and taxes.”

Take a look at this:




  1. I really like this one, they do have “the office” which is about accountants I think but that’s about it, i like your idea about making a series about someone avoiding paying taxes it could be kind of funny,and that last quote is def true, thank god we don’t have to pay taxes yet.

  2. Here’s another blog that describes accountants on tv and in films:


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