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Accountants should have a t.v. series

June 9, 2008

Here’s an idea, a t.v. series for accountants.  There are so many t.v. shows about lawyers, doctors, etc., why not a show about accountants? 

Since the Enron scandal all of the attention has been put on accountants.  Not all of accountants are unethical but one would think why this idea was never suggested.  Lawyers and doctors shows are starting to bother me.  The same heart transplant, the same old person on their death bed, and most of all the same person suing another for money.  People being addicted to drama would love a show about how “John Smith” is avoiding paying taxes (becoming a fugitive). 

 There are plenty of ideas for each episode.  I feel there are enough to influence a pilot or even a show that is trying to get fans.  With good acting and possibly interesting writing, accountants should get a show! 

In my personal opinion taxes are the most appealing to the accounting profession.  I have a couple names that could be possible for a t.v. show; Tax America, Taxed, Accounting lives, or The life of the numbers.  This idea seems reasonable, right?  As they say in America, “You are guaranteed two things in life; death and taxes.”

Take a look at this:


How are accountants perceived?

June 9, 2008

I feel as though many believe that accountants are boring.  I didn’t just wake up one day and make this up.  Through movies, tv shows and personal experience I learned that others, not related to the field, think it’s boring.

There was a scene in The Break-up.  Jennifer Aniston goes on a date with an accountant (he drove a Porsche) and the writers made this guy seem like such a geek.  He had a terrible personality.  I feel as though there is a secret stereotype going around about accountants.  Why do people think this field is so boring?

 Aren’t other fields stereotyped?  I bet some doctors and lawyers are boring people.  I think it all stems down to one reason.  People believe that numbers are boring therefore the people who use them everyday have to be boring.


Why would someone choose the accounting field?

June 9, 2008

Accountants, if they are so boring why do they drive expensive cars?  I was always curious why someone would choose to do others’ taxes.  What is so great about knowing all about others financial situations?  It’s because in my mind I am a very curious and nosy person.  I am always asking people when I first meet them what line of work they are in.  I have found it reasonable to believe that you can understand someone better when you know what they do everyday (career choice).

Most people dread waking up everyday to go to their 9-5 jobs.  I hope to never end up like these people.  They should love their careers because in the end it’s what they are going to be doing for the rest of their lives.  I am interested in finding out why others would choose the accounting field.  What makes it interesting?  Do others agree with my reasons for deciding upon it?


Accountants= time + $$$

June 9, 2008

As many know when you first start a job you have to devote time into it.  As I have heard, when starting a job in the accounting field you have to devote all of your time into it.  Many of my friends have told me that this field is tough with hours working but the money is great.  Is all that time worth the money?

 Some go into the field loving every minute about it but after doing 70 hour weeks for at least six months straight, is it still enjoyable?  How about after doing the same routine for ten years?  These are all the questions I have been wondering for the past three years.  I love the field but do I want to work all those hours.  My pleasure time has to fit into my schedule somewhere.

For the accountants who have been working in the field for more than ten years, I ask you, do you still enjoy it?  During the school year I stay up almost all night doing accounting homework and I love every minute of it.  Is this similar or is this different?