Accountants kick A$$ETS!!!

July 1, 2008

Pick-up lines for accountants,

Jokes about accountants,

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There are many jokes about any profession.  I have found that the jokes about the career I am interested in, accounting, are extremely funny.  This is probably because I know the terms.  The jokes perceive accountants as boring, which goes back to my other blogs.  The jokes also perceive accountants as straight-forward.

Just remember…You need accountants!

There are plenty of jokes I have heard about lawyers that were extremely funny but accounting jokes seem to be better (funnier). 



You figure out which jokes are better. 







The language of Accounting…

July 1, 2008

Many are unaware that there is an “accounting language.”  Many people have their taxes done by accountants and have no idea what they are being told.  EVERYONE needs to know, financially, where they are in order to be in control of their money and/or assets.  People complain that they lose money when they never took the time to research why they lost money.Studies behind the numbers

For many reasons people need to understand all terms.  Especially terms that may affect them financially. 





Accountants are unethical???

July 1, 2008

NO CONTROL!Since the Enron scandal many people see accountants as being unethical.  Why is this?  I’m pretty sure many doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, etc. are unethical in many ways.  It’s a shame what happened in Enron Corporation.  Many people lost their pensions long with their jobs.

Still today federal agents and other white collar fighting officers have looked into the control of businesses.  I don’t believe that all accountants are bad guys though! DO YOU?   It’s like anything else if some group, professionals or anyone does anything to damage, destroy or ruin something that group is stereotyped for the rest of their existence.

The worst part about the whole disaster of Enron is that the president died right before they can convict him and send him to jail.  It figures that he gets the easy way out while all the others suffer.  The fact is that any professional or anyone with a job needs to be controlled for the safety of the company along with the safety of the OTHER employees.





Mrs. Diane Turner…

June 28, 2008

In my senior year in high school I had to take a business elective to graduate.  Interested and through words from my parents I decided upon an accounting course.  Settling into the class a teacher walked into the room the first day to introduce the learning criteria.  Her name was Diane Turner.  After a full year with the accounting course Mrs. Turner influenced me to major in the field in my college years.  Mrs. Turner had her CPA and was successful in the field until she decided to go into teaching accounting.  She explained to me that with hard work and dedication in the career that promotions were guaranteed.

The reason for my blog is to not only thank this woman for her words of encouragment but to realize to myself how important she was in determining my future.   I attended H. Frank Carey High School and I have to say the business deparment is outstanding!



FREE website that explains Accounting!!!

June 26, 2008

Here’s a website that can help anyone interested in the accounting field.  Anybody who is wondering what exactly the field entails should take a look at this.  It’s free…TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!!!




Did it help??? Let me know, I want feedback!!!?


Is St. John’s University a good school for accounting majors?

June 26, 2008

When I was in high school many told me that St. John’s University was a great school.  They were telling the truth!  But many may argue that other schools are better for business majors.  The success that St. John’s has as university is increasing in all areas.  But according to some articles the business school (Tobin College of Business) has declined in success over the past years. 

Lets look at some statistics (from 2004) and we can all make the judgement:


Is the Tobin College of Business a wise decision for an accounting major?


Wesley Snipes??? Pay your taxes!!!

June 23, 2008

Here’s an interesting article about a man who thinks he is above the laws of America.  His name is Wesley Snipes.  The famous actor!!! He decided for 3 years not to file for tax returns.  WHO DOES THIS MAN THINK HE IS?????? GOD???

Read this. It made me laugh!